“Haliday & Resnick” (poem written by John Thomas / John David Thomas in 1970 at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana USA, read to 400 engineering students there by the physics professor)

Today I showed my loyalty

To Orange, Pink and Blue…

Haliday and Resnick 

Are the men I’m talking to…

That physics mumbo jumbo

That they choose to call a book…

I gave it one more chance

Today I took another look…

I turned on all my study lights

And tried to look prepared…

My roommate said “Your face is white”…

I said I wasn’t scared…

I looked at one equation:

Alpha Beta Gamma Rho

Delta Sigma Theta Omicron…

I said it wasn’t so…

Each paraphrase of Heisenberg,

Of Thompson and Lorentz

Is twisted with those diagrams

And still it “don’t make sense”

How two men ever wrote

Twelve hundred pages of this crud…

With all it’s structured styrofoam,

This book is clear as mud…

This omnibus of boredom

Should be sent to Vietnam…

Of all strategic weapons,

This book’s better

Than the BOMB    (atomic bomb…this poem I wrote during the Vietnam War…I got a standing ovation there at Purdue)




“Nothingness” (poem by John Thomas / John David Thomas written in 1968, published in “PENPOINTS” in 1968/69)



Scratch out the words

That do not express

The creative thoughts

Of nothingness


For nothing endures

Like nothing, itself…

Save a meaningless rhyme

About nothing



“In a World Far Away” (lyrics to a rock song I wrote in 1969: by John Thomas / John David Thomas)

Can you hear me now??

In a world far away,

I spend the day

Just thinking of

How you and I

Used to talk about love…

How with us it would stay…


I was such a fool…

Gave you all that I had…

But oh, how sad!!

The day I found you

In the arms of

Somebody new…

What a time you both had!!


Girl, heed my word, word, word…

He doesn’t love you

He’s just “drawing cards”

Not making a play

If Hearts aren’t trump, trump, trump…

He’ll throw you away!


Fold up while you can…

There’s still time to make up…

This breaking up

Is eating my soul…

I’m so down

I’ve got nowhere to go…

I’m in need of your love!


(Repeat first verse, then out….)

“The Fly” (poem written by John Thomas / John David Thomas in 1968, in “PENPOINTS”)

He knows not why

He is a fly,

But by and by

Begins to try

To understand

Just what he be…

A grain of sand

Cast in a sea

Of numbers and

Eternity dwarfs

Little fly who

By and by

Begins to try

To understand

Just what he be…

And what he be??

Be what he try,

He’s partly “me”

And partly “I”



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