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I am age 65, single male, "straight", born March 30, 1951 in Muncie, Indiana USA. I'm told I am "famous" and that I am a "celebrity" (per famous Miami South Beach, Florida in 2007 at Starbuck's Coffee Shop there and in Phoenix, Arizona in 1987). An executive in Los Angeles told me that I am a "famous rock star" and another person said that in 2006! My original music has had radio airplay, been in Billboard magazine (1974) and is now on SPOTIFY and ITUNES and APPLE MUSIC and YOU TUBE and WIX and VIMEO and MY SPACE and SOUNDCLOUD and TWITTER and FACEBOOK and JANGO and BANDPAGE and MUSIC X-RAY and CD BABY and has been broadcast to 50 countries of the world by internet radio stations, and my music is world-famous (some of it). I have also taken famous photographs and am a lifelong serious photographer, former member of PPA, NARAS, A.F. of M. Local 47 in Hollywood, CA USA and the AES (Audio Engineering Society). I'm in 32 major books since 1989 in USA and England. I'm a current member of ASCAP in New York City, NY USA and Mensa (worldwide), the High I.Q. society, with about 140,000 members worldwide. (a great honor). I'm in 32 major Who's Who reference books since 1989, including 11 times in "Who's Who in America" and 15 times in "Who's Who in the World" and "Who's Who in Entertainment - 1992" and the "International Who's Who in Music for classical music" 1992 published in Cambridge, England by famous Melrose Press publisher there. I've been called a "rock star" and I have been told by 11 people that I am "world-famous"!! I'm a lifelong musician (pianist, synthesist, keyboardist, and former cellist) and have composed music in more than 20 styles and genres, including songwriting, since I was 9 years old. I am a lifelong photographer also. I am told I am famous! I have been called a "celebrity" and many accolades. I have even been called a "rock star" (I played keyboards and synthesizers in famous rock bands and variety bands for 10 years in Indiana and in Arizona) and I played solo grand piano at major resorts in Scottsdale, Arizona and north of there in 1986-1987, including The Clarion Inn/McCormick Ranch Resort in Scottsdale for 13 weeks in 1986 and at The Boulders Resort in 1987 for 5 months on Tuesday afternoons. And many places. I am "all over the internet" with my original music and photography and more. I am a current member of famous ASCAP in New York City, New York USA and also Mensa (the High I.Q. society). I have been featured in 32 major "Who's Who" reference books in the USA and England. My original music (4 albums of it, more than 4 hours of it) is on the famous music-streaming service company: SPOTIFY and is also on Apple Itunes and others. My music is for sale worldwide via in Portland, Oregon by digital downloads, worldwide. I have accounts with PAY PAL and TD Bank and a business company called SQUARE and I am member of and ReferralKey network and Facebook ( and Twitter (JOHN1951USA) and Tumblr and Instagram and more. I am a former member of these top professional societies: AES, PPA, NARAS (now called The Recording Academy in Los Angeles, California), and the A.F. of M. Musicians Union, Local 47 in Hollywood, California. I am also a member of LINKEDin network for professionals and ReferralKey network. My original music is for sale worldwide via (my artist name on my original music CD albums is my full legal birthname, John David Thomas). I also belong to a European classical music organization, started in Austria, called "". I have a world-class education and background. I have 2 grown children, Bethany and Mark, who are both married and who both live in the Pacific Northwest (west coast of USA). My name is John Thomas (John David Thomas). I currently live in Staten Island (New York City), New York, USA. I have been told that I am known both ways. I have been told I am famous, even world-famous. I have been featured in 32 major "Who's Who" reference books in the USA and in England from 1989-2006, including 11 times in the famous and prestigious "Who's Who in America" and 15 times in "Who's Who in the World" and "Who's Who in Entertainment" 1992 and "International Who's Who in Music - for classical music" 1992 (published by famous English publisher, Melrose Press, in Cambridge, England) etc. I have a world class education and background. (I was in the "gifted class for gifted children" from 5th through 8th grades at I.P.S. school 58 in Indianapolis, Indiana USA and in the "gifted" and "advance placement" classes in high school, and I was the recipient of the prestigious General Motors Scholarship in electrical engineering at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana USA in 1969 and 1970, and I was awarded a music scholarship at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana from 1971-1974, where I graduated in 1976 with a Bachelor's degree in Music Theory and Composition. I studied with genius composers there and major world-class genius musicians, etc. I have known world-famous rock stars and composers (such as Frank Zappa and Herbert Brun from Germany and I studied for 2 years with avant-garde composer from Julliard School, New York City, New York USA: Dr. Ernesto Pellegrini from 1972-1974.) I am an "Aries". I am a lifelong musician, composer, former songwriter, pianist, synthesist, keyboardist, former cellist, lifelong photographer, recording and mix engineer, pre-mastering engineer, published poet and composer/songwriter. I have been told by 8 people that I am world-famous and I have been called a "celebrity", "rock star", "superstar", "V.I.P.", a trendsetter, a visionary, unique, a creative genius, music genius, math genius, "the man with champagne taste", etc. etc. etc. I am featured in 32 major "Who's Who" books in USA and England from 1989-2006, including 11 times in the famous "Who's Who in America" (1995-2006) and 15 times in "Who's Who in the World" (1992-2006) I am a member of ASCAP since 1974 and since 1987, and have been a longtime former member of Mensa, and AES and PPA and NARAS (now called The Recording Academy), which is the GRAMMY awards organization on the west coast in L.A. I also have been a member of the Hollywood, California Musicians Union, Local 47 of A.F. of M. on Vine Street there. I have two grown children, Bethany and Mark, ages 36 and 33, who live in Washington state on the west coast of USA (where I once lived from 1988-1990). I am from Indiana, USA and my hometown is Indianapolis, Indiana. I have lived 48 years in Indiana and 4 years in Phoenix, Arizona from 1984-1988 and 2-1/2 years in the greater Seattle, Washington area from 1988-1990 and 1-1/2 years in Los Angeles, California in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009. I have lived all over southern California. I lived in Miami, Florida and Miami South Beach (where I entertained tourists on the beach) in 2007 and south Florida. I moved to New York City, NY USA in 2007 and again in 2008 (Manhattan) and again in 2009 and I now live in Staten Island (part of New York City)... it is called "the suburb" of New York City. I need to increase my income very much! i just rejoined a major national and worldwide photographers and models company online called ONE MODEL PLACE . They show more than 332 of my own photos I have taken since 1965 all over USA and CANADA. I have 50 model friends and photographer friends there now. I am going to join a new business online to earn more money. If you want to donate money to me or send a cash gift, go to the website link at the bottom of this page to send by PayPal to me. Or you can pay for goods or services for me with the same website link below. I am trying to earn money again as a photographer. I am also trying to get hired to play piano or pro keyboards in recording sessions in recording studios in New York City (Manhattan) or get hired to play "live" on grand piano at establishments in New York City (I have played grand piano at famous and high-level, major resorts and country clubs in Arizona and Indiana in the past). I have a world-class background and education (not "Ivy League", but world-class). I just bought a new HP 15 Notebook computer with a large screen and 500 GB hard drive and 2 GB of RAM, DVD-RW drive, USB, Wireless network, more. At present, the wi-fi where I reside in Staten Island (New York City) is not working, so I have no internet available at present on my personal computer, and use public computers for internet, until they get the wi-fi fixed...otherwise, I will be forced to get my own wi-fi. My money is tight, due to relatively low income at present of $ 17,000 a year. I am the owner of 10 companies, which at present are not making money, except for residual royalties I get from ASCAP in New York City about every 6 months, for international incoming royalties (other countries sometimes use my music). I have been told I am world-famous by 11 people, including my younger brother and my father and a girl from Ecuador, South America told me so a few years ago, and much more. That is all for now! Thanks for visiting me here and I hope you like some of my original music and my photography and some of my original poetry, etc. - John

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