Coming soon…my new SmartPhone/Tablet version of my featured pro Music website on “REVERB NATION” & My own domain Music Site where my music can be PURCHASED! For now, go to the primary site, below. More than 60 tracks: Genius, Eclectic, Multi-style/genre, ROCK, CLASSICAL, JAZZ, Jazz-Rock-Fusion, World music, disco, love songs, Top 40, classic rock, electronic, etc. Click link!!

Get my original, famous, ECLECTIC, Genius, Unique, Beautiful, Uplifting, and super POWERFUL, Stimulating Music HERE by clicking the link below of my new pro music website from REVERB NATION (I’m a member there now)…my own DOMAIN here…listen free here online, or you can BUY my music (mp3 downloads) for only $ 1.99 per track (song or instrumental music composition, between 1 minute and 20 minutes in time duration, EACH…more than 5 HOURS of my original music there! Highly Recommended! Award-winning music, praised by musicians and critics! Click this link now…My NEW HOT MUSIC site and PHOTO and BIO INFO site, and also go to this URL site: to see the COOL version of my new music site. Listen free, or better still, BUY my FAMOUS MUSIC $ 1.99 each track composed and performed by me, with studio musicians on some tracks: ROCK, JAZZ, CLASSICAL, DISCO, POP, Top 40, ELECTRONIC, WORLD, AMBIENT, MEDITATION, ATMOSPHERIC, PIANO, ORCHESTRAL, MORE PHOTOS TO SEE, BIO PROFILE, VIDEO, JOIN JOHN’S FAN CLUB1


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