My COMMENT on my FACEBOOK Timeline today, Sep. 22, 2016 about “A Happy Shade of Yellow” music composition I wrote in 1973 at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana USA, then and there on campus for the Ball State Symphony Orchestra and my rock band, with me as the lead singer, etc.

Here is my new POST to my own FACEBOOK timeline at:   It is posted as follows, today of September 22, 2016 under the photo of the Golden Globes actress dressed in a long, bright YELLOW dress: I wrote in “comments”:

John David Thomas Yellow has been my primary “color of choice” for the past 2 years, ever since I used it as my “background color” of my internet website on “” website online (it is still Yellow color background now, there!). I started also to use “Red” now as my primary NEW background color about 6 weeks or 2 months ago, when I created my new music profile page and site on the company, TOMATO in Los Angeles, California (Menlo Park, LA, CA) so I am using red a lot now. But I LOVE this photo above from the Golden Globes 2016 After-party dress of Jamie Chung! It looks fantastic! Yellow is a very “happy” color and exciting and vibrant! I composed a classical-rock orchestral/symphonic rock song in 1973 at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana USA called “A Happy Shade of Yellow” (just like this new dress suggests!). I composed it for the BSSO (Ball State Symphony Orchestra) which I was a cellist in at the time for 3 years from 1971-1974, we did 9 different concerts there and then…I composed it for “orchestra plus Rock band, with me as the lead singer of the rock band, singing the vocal melody, and also I composed all of the music for the entire BSSO orchestra! We rehearsed it, but did not do it in concert…a rough recording was made by a Mr. Wolfe there on staff at BSU Music School in Muncie, who maintained all of the MANY Steinway 9-foot concert grand pianos in the Music School of Ball State U (he taught me how to repair and rebuild a grand piano, in 3 courses I took there, as well as how to tune a piano, etc.). It is a long, complex, “never-ending story” so I will stop here for now. (I also was a rock star there and then at BSU from 1971-1975, playing keyboards in a famous classic-rock band on campus called “Good Conduct” in 1973. We played for all the college dances and concerts in the residence halls on the weekend parties/dances/concerts. I made a rock and roll record in 1974 which was sold on campus and which my jazz-rock Top 40 rock band performed in concert for 6,400 people there at Emens Auditorium at BSU. My rock songs were on the “jukeboxes” at Ball State U in 1974…18,000 college students, co-eds, heard my rock songs on the jukeboxes there and then, and my rock songs were “on the radio” as the song Muncie, Indiana and Ball State radio, and also played on radio station in Louisville,, Kentucky, and was ANNOUNCED to the entire music industry and radio networks and all rock stars and recording studios, in the famous BILLBOARD MAGAZINE in 1974. That “started something” big! Enough for now. – John in Staten Island, New York 10301 USA (New York City) at 110 Hendereson Avenue, Room 204A

I am age 65, single male, “straight”, born March 30, 1951 in Muncie, Indiana USA. I’mtold I am “famous” and that I am a “celebrity” (per famous Miami South Beach, Florida). I’m a current member of ASCAP in New York City, NY USA and Mensa (worldwide), the High I.Q. society, with about 140,000 members…