My NEW WEBSITE for my MUSIC! Click on link to see and hear!

I have a new website for my original music! Click on the link to see my new website and hear my music there, and it is for sale, too!


My own original music now on “YOU TUBE” website!

My original music is now on famous YOU TUBE website (music videos website) on the internet! Click on this link to go there now, and listen FREE to all or some of my music…some of it is famous!  Here is the link to click on now!  My ORIGINAL MUSIC, 54 tracks, now on famous YOU TUBE website! Listen free online here! See the CD albums of my music, for sale worldwide! – John

Solved a problem on my new HP computer (J9)

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! My newest “news” here in Staten Island, New York 10301 (New York City) USA is that I recently found out that my new HP 15 notebook computer, called the “J9” which is large and thin, and which uses Windows 8.1 (upgradeable to Windows 10 for free), and which has Microsoft Works 2006 (with WORD, Encarta, spreadsheet, Streets & Guides and “the world” on it)….anyway, I installed a program by a company called “Avira” with free anti-virus and a computer “speed-up” program in it, which diagnosed my “new computer” and told me there were 78,000 JUNK files on it!! (which is terrible, and makes it crawl slow as a snail, almost stop) Also said my computer had 2,900 “registry errors” and 7,000 personal files that should be deleted…so I pressed the “submit” button on it, and it removed all the bad files, including the 78,000 junk files! So now, it should run much better!

Other major news about my computer: the WI FI here where I live, available to all residents here, about 300 people, is still out of order, so I can’t use internet on my own computer right now (it is dependent on wi fi, since no “cable” can be run to my computer in my room). I am told that the Wi Fi is going to “get repaired and fixed” soon.  When I finally get wi fi restored, then I can do much better things. Then I can upload and download my photos from my newest NIKON D3300 DSLR camera, which I purchased Nov. 2014 (18 months ago) from famous B&H Photo camera and computer, video, electronics mega-store in Manhattan, New York City, NY here for $ 550 plus tax and shipping…for the past 6 months, I have been without my own working PC, and have not had a means of transferring or editing or sending my photos. 

If I can not have reliable access to the “internal wi fi” here where I live, I will be forced to get some kind of low cost “wi fi” of my own. I have been doing a lot of research on this recently. There are some options.

My new COMPUTER and GREAT THINGS happening!

I just received my new HP 15 Notebook Computer (the “J9”), which I keep in my room where I live here in Staten Island, NY 10301 (New York City). I bought it from a computer company on the east coast of the USA which has been in business for 25 years and operates in both USA and CANADA! They have had 200,000 customers in that time. It only has one processor, dual-core, 64-bit, AMD and is Windows 8.1 operating system, with BING as the search engine (I added Chrome)…but I have no wi-fi to use internet with it yet, because of technical problems where I live. I may get my own wi fi later, but my money is tight now, and has been for some time….I bought Microsoft Works (no longer manufactured) which has the all-important program, MS WORD, word-processing program) which is fantastic…I have been using that extensively the past two days and nights! I just typed letters to my two children, ages 37 and 33, in Washington state, Bethany and Mark, both married, and my daughter, married to Jason Rohde, has 2 young children, Jack and Claire. Jack is a genius! So is my son, Mark!

There are many fantastic things happening right now for me, in the world and in the USA, like the music on the radio! I love much of it! more later….to be continued… – John in Staten Island, NY 10301 USA (New York City)