Here are three (3) of my newly updated and vastly improved websites: HELLO STAGE (Europe), MY SPACE (music) and ONE MODEL PLACE (photographers and models)

My NEW updated and vastly improved photography website with 330 of my photos, I have taken, all over USA and CANADA on the major website: ONE MODEL PLACE  click on this link:  my photographs on ONE MODEL PLACE website (330 of them)

My original music, 48 tracks, on the new MY SPACE website:  48 of my music compositions and songs on the new MY SPACE site

My newly updated classical music website I belong to in Europe at HELLO STAGE

My music profile at Europe music website    – John Thomas (John David Thomas), New York City (Staten Island) 10301 USA


My original music to hear for free: John David Thomas (John Thomas) on the new

To see my new profile on the new and to listen to any or all of my 48 tracks of original music compositions and songs of mine, award-winning, highly-praised by music critics, some with radio airplay on world-famous WFBQ-FM Q95 in Indianapolis, Indiana, also broadcast to 50 countries of the world by internet radio, go to this link and click on, then click/start the “Play” button of any or all of the songs and compositions you want to hear there… My 48 original compositions and songs to hear free on the new MySpace site: “John David Thomas” (aka John Thomas)